TP7146EC EasyCut Inside/Outside Birthday- 1 Template


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EasyCut Inside/Outside Birthday- 1 Template. A new introduction to the template range. They are called Inside/Outside because you are actually making the Front Cover and also an inside page at the same time. This template has been designed for A6 size cards. (requested by so many) With a new angle !! Watch PCA Video #66 on YouTube for full demonstration. First step is to emboss the front half of your parchment on the template half marked “front” using your PCA-E3012 Micro Ball Tool. The paper is then removed from the template, flipped over and repositioned over the half marked “inside”. Emboss this half. If you wish to emboss a phrase within the frame you have selected, simply place parchment over the phrase which fits inside the frame and emboss using your PCA-Micro Ball. Next complete all colouring / perforating / or further embossing. Once completed, replace paper back over template and hold in position with low tack tape Using your PCA-E3002 Small Ball tool, emboss the clear EasyCut slot line. Then cut this embossed line using a small craft knife or your PCA-E3001 Scriber tool.

Select a piece of coloured card stock and cut to size then fold in half. Using a craft knife, cut a slot along the fold line in the card stock. (long enough for the parchment to slip through) Using the prepared parchment, push half through the slot ensuring that the front cover is in the correct position. Attach the parchment to your cardstock using either double sided tape or an adhesive you would normally use. Very easy with excellent results. As always we suggest that you rub the parchment with a piece of tumble dryer sheet or similar to improve slip when embossing. Place parchment on top of template. Hold parchment in position with low tack tape.