M4012TA5 Fine A5 FlexiDuo Straight/Diagonal Twin Grids


FlexiDuo Fine Straight/Diagonal Twin Pack

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PCA® – FINE A5 Straight / Diagonal FlexiDuo Grids – (M4012TA5). TWIN pack contains both a Fine Diagonal and Fine Straight Grids they are made from stainless steel.

Both grids can be used for embossing and/or perforating. When perforating use A5 grid mat (M4038), using the PCA Fine Perforating Tools.  When embossing there is no need to use any mat, place directly on a firm or hard surface, use the PCA Micro Ball Embossing Tool (E3012). 

Also included in this Twin pack is a FREE A5 Grid mat (M4038).