TC4132E Emboss A Card Triple Bar Rectangular Frames



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This is a versatile design that has been created using new “Non Parchment” templates from PCA.

PCA® EMBOSS-A-CARD range! Pretty scrapbooking papers and cardstock can be used to make these wonderful designs …. for regular Card Making and Scrapbooking!   Even Mirror/Foil Cardstock can be used with this EMBOSS-A-CARD template.   A lightbox makes the clear design line sections of each template LIGHT UP so you can see exactly where to emboss.   The embossing crisp and clear and the cards appear as though they have been professionally embossed! They are then ready for to add any extra touches  to make the project complete.

Attach cardstock to the Emboss-A-Card template with low tack tape and  rest on a lightbox and emboss all the design lines required with a PCA® E3004 Large Ball Embossing tool. It’s a whole new and very easy concept in embossing cardstock.