TP3549E EasyEmboss-Perforate Bold Corners – 5 Template


EasyEmboss-Perforating Template TP3549E

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PCA® – EasyEmboss & Perforating BOLD Corners – 5 Template TP3549E – Two great corner designs can be either embossed or perforated.  Perforate using the PCA B2001 Unibold tool in combination with the PCA B2006 Bold Oct Tool and B2005 Bold Quad tool (depending on design).

The Snowflake template uses the B2005 Bold Quad for easily cutting crosses. The Bow template uses the B2006 Bold Oct tool.

Emboss all tracks using the PCA E3012 Micro Ball tool. NOTE: if embossing the holes on this template, it is recommended the PCA E3003 Medium Ball Tool.

Attach parchment to template by using low tack tape or using the TP5011PP Template Corner Supports.  To help embossing tool slide smoothly over the parchment when embossing rub with tumble dryer sheet