TP7137EC EasyCut Potpourri Box

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This project comprises of two templates, the box and lid. The first step is to emboss the main box template and then the lid template using your PCA Micro Ball Tool. Emboss the White lines only. Once you have completed embossing the frames, remove parchment from the template and complete any perforating and embossing you may wish to add. Ater you have finished this step turn parchment over so that it is “FACE UP” and position it back on the template. Line it up carefully with centre embossed squares. Ensure that your embossed line matches up with the embossed line on the template. While doing this ensure that the Clear EasyCut Slot line is even all around the frame. Once happy with the positioning, press firmly in position, holding in place with low tack tape.

Emboss the Clear EasyCut Slot lines using your PCA Small Ball tool. After you have embossed the Slot line, now use your PCA Scriber tool or a Small Craft Knife to cut out the small diamonds. Once completed, cut around the outside of both the box and lid. Making sure that you “Break the Paper” each time you start a new cut. When you have finished cutting this outer edge remove the parchment from the template.