TP7138EC-Easycut 3d Christmas Star
TP7138EC-Easycut 3d Christmas Star colouredTP7138EC-Easycut 3d Christmas Star

TP7138EC EasyCut 3D Christmas Star


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Product Description

EasyCut 3D Christmas Star template. This is a multi layered template. There are five stars which will nest together to create that 3D Star. May be used as single stars fully embossed and placed on a card. Or as the name suggests, 3D. Emboss just the outer perimeter lines, dots and cross lines. Then glue them together as a 3D Star. This may then be placed on a card or make another set, and glue the two back to back to create a lovely 3D Star to hang on the tree. Emboss lines with PCA-E3012 Micro Ball Tool. Add your own perforating, colouring and embossing.  As always we suggest that you rub the parchment with a piece of tumble dryer sheet or similar to improve slip when embossing. Very quick and easy to use. Place parchment on top of template, hold in position with low tack tape.