TP7157EC envelope flap
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TP7157EC EasyCut Template Envelope Flap


TP7157EC EasyCut Template Envelope Flap

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Product Description

PCA® – TP7157EC EasyCut Envelope Flap template. This template gives three designs for an envelope flap (all of which are interchangeable).
Step 1 – Using a full sheet of A4 parchment, line the bottom edge of the paper up with the bottom of the “V” shape of the envelope flap. Then slide the paper down past the tip of the “V” by about 5mm. Hold in place using small amount of low tack tape. Emboss the centre fold line guides, and then continue and emboss the selected pattern using your PCA Micro Ball Tool (E3012).
Step 2 – After completing the embossing, remove parchment and re-align the centre fold line with complete embossed line at top of template. Emboss the full line across the envelope.
Step 3 – Select a centre image to go inside the “V’ flap below the greeting. Line up and emboss image.
Step 4 – Remove parchment from template and complete any additional embossing, perforating and colouring.
Step 5 – Having completed all decorative work, re-position finished work, face up on template. Line up centre fold line on template, and bottom edge of embossing. Hold in place with small amount of low tack tape. Once in position, emboss Clear EasyCut Line using your PCA Small Ball Tool. Then using either a small craft knife or your PCA Scriber tool E3001, carefully cut along this embossed line. A perfect straight cut is easily achieved finishing off your envelope. Remove parchment from template.
Step 6 – Fold envelope flap inwards along the embossed centre fold line. Then fold the bottom edge of page inwards until it also meets the embossed centre fold line. Envelope is now complete. Glue side edges using clear double sided tape or your choice of adhesive.