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  1. Oops, just sent an order through and there should only be 1 extra fine white pen instead of 2. Can you adjust my order please. Sorry.


    1. Hi Valerie

      All sorted, I will reimburse your PayPal account with £4.30


  2. Have received my order with thanks. Just one query how do I access the feebie cards I requested.

    1. Hello Stephanie,
      On your order you will find just below the free pattern text which says Download: Free pattern, click on this link and it will download to your computer so you can print it off. Please see below

      ORDER NUMBER: 4045
      DATE: July 21, 2017
      TOTAL: £0.00
      Order Details

      Mary.G.Kerr Happy Birthday × 1
      Download: FreePattern6.pdf £0.00
      Subtotal: £0.00
      Total: £0.00

      I hope this helps

  3. Hi, I didn’t not want to pay with PayPal, but with my British debit, I now live in Spain, and won’t work here.

    1. Hello Janet
      I believe you can log on as a guest to paypal and then pay with your card, failing that I am able to take card payments over the telephone.

  4. Hi Meryl

    I received my order this morning love all my items and I had no problem about you posting them together xx


    1. Hi Angela

      Thank you for using my website to order your parchment templates from. I am so pleased you like them, the garden/pond template is a favourite of mine.


  5. Please help don’t know if my order has been processed correctly don’t want to place order twice did fill out bank details

    1. Hello June
      Sorry for delay in replying.
      Your order is showing as cancelled on the system, I have checked my bank and no payment has been credited from you. If you would rather ring to place the order I am happy for you to do that, but I will be unavailable from 9.45 to 1pm today.
      Regards Meryl

  6. Thanks for your reply Meryl hopefully I’ve placed my order now. Just been to my local parchment class and running out of paper.

    1. Package is on its way to you

  7. I have just place an order but the address is wrong I have moved please cancel this order

    1. Hi Patricia

      Thanks for your call today I have now changed the address and your order will be in post today.


  8. What is the difference between the 2 PCA A5 perforating mats? One says for honeycomb grid… is there much of a difference?

    1. Hello Madeleine
      The difference between the A5 perforating grids is –
      One has holes which run along the grid in a straight diagonal way the line of holes are at a 45deg. angle
      The other has holes which gives a honeycomb or daisy pattern when perforated the holes are at a 60deg angle.
      If you go on to the product details there are pictures of each grid which shows the way the holes are set out.
      Or if you prefer I can email you direct with photographs.

      1. Thank you for the explanation but I was asking about the mats not the girds. Are they the same?

        1. Many apologies Madeleine my mistake, there is not really much difference at all between the perforating mats, it is a different kind of foam but to be honest it is very difficult to tell on from the other.

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