Available now: For beginners, improvers and the foundation for those who wish to progress to the advanced course and/or teach: this correspondence course is available to download.

To gain diploma there are four sections to be completed with submissions marked and feedback given. Ideal for those who wish to have feedback but don’t or can’t attend classes.

It is currently available in English. You will also have access by email to ask questions to help you progress.

The course can also be a stand-alone instruction download without the need to become a student.

There is no time limit on the course, you can take as long as you like, or finish it as quickly as you like!

COSTS: the instruction download with step by step instructions including colour photos, costs £40

FOUR SECTIONS: it is divided into Embossing (by Dorothy Holness), Grid Work and Perforating, Colouring, and a final section putting it altogether.  There is also an introduction and materials section.

SUBMISSIONS: there are submissions in all four of the instruction sections, to be sent for feedback.  These are charged separately at £15 per section (due with each submission), to include return postage. So total cost to gain Diploma £100

ADVANCED DIPLOMA You can progress to this, a separate course, on Part 2, priced at £40 plus one submission which is £40, so a total of £80.

Please contact: Meryl Marriott to enrol, or for questions to be answered at meryl@parchcraftaustraliauk.co.uk