TP5005PP Easy Parchment Border and Lattice


TP5005PP Easy Parchment Border and Lattice

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PCA® TP5005PP Easy Parchment Border and Lattice.  This versatile template includes a full pattern that features embossing using a PCA® SmallBall and pretty bold diamonds as well as a lattice design area of bold grid square shapes. Perforate using PCA® UniBold. (or the specialty shapes if you have them).  The Lattice pattern is suitable for using as a fill in decoration on previously embossed areas using the PCA® TP3108E Easy CrossHatch DIAGONAL template as well, simply move template to realign and continue until all desired areas are completed. Follow further instructions on template.  A clear sharp embossing result is easily achieved with excellent depth. Very quick and easy to use. Place parchment on top of template, hold in position with small amount of low tack tape.