TP7153EC EasyCut Ornate Circle Frames – 1

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EasyCut Ornate Frames – 1 Template. A selection of frames to create that lovely Embossed Border/Frame or EasyCut Border/Frame.  Emboss using your PCA-E3012 Micro Ball tool.  Very easy with excellent results. After completing all embossing/perforating, re-position paper back on template ‘facing downwards’. Line up pattern and EasyCut Slot line. Emboss Clear EasyCut Slot line with your PCA Small Ball tool.    Then using your PCA Scriber, carefully cut around the slot line. (Note: as with all PCA® EasyCut templates you do not have to cut the paper, you can simply Emboss the EasyCut Slot line when doing the initial embossing to achieve a different result)  Add your own perforating, colouring. It is suggested you rub the parchment with a tumble dryer sheet to improve slip when embossing. Place parchment on top of template and hold in position with low tack tape. Mix and Match by choosing another frame or items from another PCA Templates.