TP3481E Foral Five
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TP3481E Easy Emboss Floral Five


Easy Emboss Floral Five

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Product Description

PCA® – TP3481E EasyEmboss Floral Five Template.  A very decorative card for that special person. Complete as is or one or more of the squares can be left blank to insert either images or words.(mix and match with other PCA templates)

Emboss using your PCA E3012 Micro Ball tool.  Easy to use and gives excellent embossed results. Colouring can be added and perforated designs with any of the multi-needle tools.

It is suggested a tumble dryer sheet is used to rub over the parchment is parchment before embossing to allow the embossing tool to glide easily over the design.

Place parchment on top of template and hold in place with low tack tape or similar