TP3534E EasyEmboss Be Mine


TP3534E EasyEmboss Be Mine

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PCA® – EasyEmboss Be Mine (TP3534E) – A cute image of young ones sitting together – A smooth array of Scrolls for easy embossing.  Mix and match with other PCA templates / Frames / inserts to add a variety of different touches with perforating, colouring and words to create a wonderful personalised card.

As always it is suggested to use a tumble dryer sheet to rub the parchment to improve slip when embossing.  Place vellum on top of template holding in place with low tack tape or similar.   Emboss using the PCA-E3012 Micro Ball tool.  Using templates makes parchment craft a little easier for all.

Place parchment on top of template, hold parchment in place with small pieces of low tack tape.

Not necessary to use a light box unless using with paper or card stock.